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wes & anne: Home

Welcome to, the web site for the rehab of a Katrina-damaged single family house in New Orleans. We are two historic preservation professionals from New York who, after touring New Orleans in January of 2008, recognized that while much has been done to repair the city after Hurricane Katrina, a great deal remains untouched. And the Country has moved on to other crises. The City still needs help, it needs private investment, and it most especially needs affordable housing.

Life partners Wes Haynes and Anne Van Ingen formed an LLC and bought the house at 5516 Dauphine Street on August 16th, 2008. It is a single shotgun, built in about 1915 and sits within the Holy Cross Historic District. With our friends Joe Loya and Kevin Mercadel, we hope to bring together friends, family and colleagues to help us renovate this house and sell it to a displaced New Orleans family at a price that just covers our bare costs. We won't be making any profit - a friend called it a "moral investment", not a financial one. Our goal is to just get one unit of affordable housing reoccupied by someone who is committed to making a fresh start in New Orleans.

We also plan to have a good time doing it. NOLA is a remarkable feast for the eyes, ears and tastebuds. And we hope to make this process a model that others might be interested in copying.

We've launched this web site to communicate with the 5516 participants and share our experiences. We will update it regularly. Check into the Calendar section to see when we'll be there and what we'll be doing and follow our progress in the News section. Contact us through the site and enjoy the Photo Gallery. We'll also put up links to other web sites on occasion.

We invite anyone interested in helping out to join us in New Orleans. If you can get yourself down there and find your own housing (we can make recommendations), we will provide tools, a project that fits your skills (even if you don't think you have any), lunch and a good time. Join us! This is a project worth doing.