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wes & anne: Links

National Trust for Historic Preservation
The National Trust's web site. Look at the lower left corner of the Home page and click on PreservationNation Blog. Then type New Orleans into the search box. Walter Gallas, staff in their NOLA office, writes a piece every week that's always worth reading.
Here are more photographs of our project. You can log on with the user name of 5516. The password is 5516Dauphine. Feel free to add your own photographs if you have worked with us on the project.
Use this link if you just want to look at the slide show.
Squandered Heritage
This is Karen Gadbois' web site, focusing on what is being lost in the City's zeal to demolish.
The Neighborhood Story Project
A documentary, book-making project in New Orleans focusing on specific places.
Celebrating the Everyday Monuments and Gathering Places of New Orleans' Neighborhoods.
Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans
The Preservation Resource Center's terrific web site.
New Orleans Food Map
A link sent by Joanne Morse, a member of the Gotham Garden Club, Anne's favorite NYC club.
Several videos of Snakebite's recent appearances are on YouTube. Type Snakebite Jacobs in the Search box at the top of the home page. "Night Train" by Snakebite and the Ninth Ward Millionaires is particularly good.